Are you searching for an innovative and distinctive way to introduce your team to your customers? Instead of traditional photographs, consider having an illustration of your team made. Present your amazing team in a fun and fashionable way!

What I want to achieve with my artwork is that I create an entirely new image in which you can define how each team member should be portrayed, reflecting their unique qualities and strengths. I do this by not simply replicating from an existing photograph but by drawing inspiration from stories, descriptions and various photos of someone. It's a good way to ensure that everyone looks their best, all while maintaining a cohesive and stylish look.

You also have the option to include an illustrated representation of your business premises or workspace, adding a personal touch to your team's image. In addition to receiving the complete team illustration in different high quality digital formats, you will also get the individual illustrations of each team member and the background (if included) separately.

This allows you to use the illustrations for a wide range of purposes. Imagine using them for thank-you cards featuring your beautiful business premises or creating Instagram stories that highlight each team member's role and expertise.
Should your team undergo changes in the future, I can easily update the illustration to reflect these alterations. Additionally, you can even request a special edition of your team illustration, such as a holiday or seasonal version, to add a touch of festive spirit to your team's image!

Would you like to receive more information about Team Illustrations or do you simply have a question? Write me a note below and I will get back to you within a work day!