Capture your beautiful team in an illustration

Are you looking for a unique, innovative way to introduce your team to your customers? Instead of photos, have an illustration of your team made. A team illustration is the perfect way to combine a self-portrait with a fashionable illustration.

 I don't exactly copy from a photo, but create a new image based on different photos. In that way, you can determine how you would like to see everyone in the illustration and which outfits (or a certain guideline in terms of style and color) you want to see. This way you have an image of your team that everyone looks good on at the same time!

 You can also choose to add an illustrated background of your workspace. In addition to receiving the team illustration in its entirety digitally in high quality, you will also receive each team member, and the background (if present), separately so that you can use it for all kinds of purposes. Think, for example, of Thank-you cards with your beautiful business premises on them or an Instagram story about the team member who can help you today.

 If there is a change in the team later on, you can easily let me adjust this again! You can also have a Christmas or other special edition of your team illustration made later on.

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Would you like to know what exactly is needed to create the illustration?
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